Lighting is one of my favorite industrustry niches.  I am always fascinated by how far lighting technology has taken us over the past decade. I have personally installed or worked on just about every type of lamp known to man.  Each and every space has a unique lighting need.  I enjoy engaging in an in depth discussion with each end user before quoting any lighting project.  


Is your lighting need for security, accent, safety, signaling, indication, office or warehouse?  Is energy efficiency and life expectancy a value to you over initial cost?  We are your contractor.


Incandescent lighting has it place for sure.  Modern fluorescents provide greater energy efficency and can deliver a variety of color throughout the visible spectrum (the right fluorscent light for your workshop is not one your wife would appreciate over her make-up counter).  LED's are even more energy efficient and their life expectancies are beginning to exceed 5 years.  Have you ever heard of a lamp with a 10 year guarantee?  The induction lamp is a technology that has been around for decades yet has failed to gain popularity.  Savvy facility managers have grown increasingly fond of this technology.  They turn on instantly, run at cooler temperatures and use around half of the energy of their HID equivalents.   Rebates through KCPL are available for these lighting retrofits.


400 watt Metal Halide High Bay

This is the infra red image of an existing 400 watt metal halide fixture in a gymnasium before our retrofit.  508 degrees F!  A lot of additional heat that the AC units have to take care of.

An infra red shot I took after our install 225 watt Induction High Bay

This is the infra red image of a 225 watt induction High Bay fixture installed in the same gymnasium.  A 388 degree F reduction!

Half way through install looking south

I took a few photos halfway through our install.  The north half of the gym (foreground) has already been retrofitted with the induction high bays.  The south half of the gym is next.  You can see the induction high bays are layed out on the floor and ready to go.  Notice the shadows and uneven lighting from the 400 watt metal halides on the south wall of the gym.

Half way through install looking north

I walked over to the opposite side of the gym and turned around to take a photo of the light given from the newly installed 225 watt induction high bays.  What a difference! Notice the difference on the north wall. No shadows and brighter more visible light with nearly half of the energy used.  All with a manufacturer's 10 year warranty.

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